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AqUA's 'Engagement for Transformation' delegate feedback on #4

Care Design 2016
Care Design 2016 | Oct 9, 2015 | in #4 Focus on flow

On 24.9.15, Helen Bevan visited AQuA's Leading Transformational Change Programme to lead a masterclass on 'Engagement for Transformation.' Helen asked the delegates to look at the ten draft redesign principles and give their feedback. Here is what they said about this fourth principle 'Focus on flow'...

  • "Flow - push vs pull. Understanding interdependencies between services (including reliance)"

  • ""Segment patient flows" - does this mean process mapping / pathways?"

  • "Seem at odds with each other in wording. Wording needs?"

  • ""Proces access to senior decision makers" - more than these - all others to stop "churn" of this"

A big thank you to the AqUA masterclass delegates for their feedback. Do you agree?

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