Care Design 2016

General feedback from AqUA's 'Engagement for Transformation' delegates

On 24.9.15, Helen Bevan visited AQuA's Leading Transformational Change Programme to lead a masterclass on 'Engagement for Transformation.' Helen asked the delegates to look at the ten draft redesign principles and give their feedback.

Here is what they said, in general, about the redesign principles and project, as a whole...


  • "Aim not clearly specified" 
  • "Vision: how does it link together? Are they sequential linear?"
  • "Don't like numbering as this suggest sequence. Should be in a circle, not numbered / listed"
  • "Is this linear - or are there review and learning loops?"
  • "Order implies a linear process, but not necessarily"
  • "Overall principles appear acute focussed rather than about the whole of the pathway / journey"
  • "Feel of leap to solutions rather than principles - mix match of both"
  • "Embedding ways of working in the day job"
  • "Language too formal / terminology too high level - not very usable "
  • "Language - management-speak. Needs to be accessible"
  • "Language - wordy. Make it real and accessible"
  • "Psychology of people"
  • "Less on psychology of system redesign principles"
  • "Terminology: 'patients' implies a descendency on the system...person / residents?"
  • "One piece of paper / one-sided"
  • "There are sub-principles"
  • "Interventions mixed with design principles"
  • "Learning from others, best practice"
  • "Co-design approach needs to be integral"
  • "Move more to the edge and sit outside"
  • "Role of the engaged patient"
  • "Centred around service user"
  • "Segment - ?contradictory to integration. No mention of quality / benefits - could imply fragmentation"
  • "Are they prompts or principles?"
  • "Who's the audience? Not sure thought about with language used"
  • "How does this become a useful tool for someone redesigning a system?"
  • "Need to think how this is introduced, 'put on a platform' - could turn people off"
  • "Stronger emphasis on the voice of the customer - need to think through who are the customers? More than patients / people"
  • "How to work with patients not detailed enough in here, but not specified to enable outcomes"
  • "System redesign different to project/pathway redesign"
  • "Timing and pace"
  • "Useful to have a logical approach"
  • "Focus on experience of service users and citizens and staff (people own)"
  • "Funding shouldn't be included in the principles by needs to be acknowledged. Financial sustainability."
  • "Principles to be delivered within X, Y, Z constraints and environment"
  • "Missing issue - around behaviours across the systems."
  • "Timing and pace"
  • "Maintain motivation and energy as you redesign"
  • "Allow for failure / "learning"

Thank you to the AqUA masterclass delegates for your feedback.

What do you think?


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Carol Read Nov 14, 2015

Would be great to get an update from recent events such as #cpcaction to add into the discussions.