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Living Systems Start with the Self

Care Starts with the Self - attempts to design a model based on living systems that are not aware of this will be incomplete and disembodied and may be experienced as a projection. Health begins at home - in each of us. Activating self care is where the living system comes to life as each of us is part of the whole. If I am broken and not taking ownership of my health and I cannot be part of the whole - the flow and I will experience the system as separate to me. Thinking in this way requires us to move beyond the promotion of self care to the embodiment of self care - in this way I and we are 'being the change we wish to see'

Jane Pightling Oct 9, 2015

I agree and I think this is more complicated than it first appears to be.  Self care is also about self value and self respect and sometimes this needs nurturing before someone can own their own wellbeing. I think this is particularly difficult when someone feels hurt or bullied by other individuals, an organisation or system. From this position hearing someone talking about taking ownership can be misinterpreted as blaming, or if promoted by an organisation, can be interpreted as trying to shift responsibility. Sadly, sometimes I think it does happen. Training in resilience and self care has been offered to individuals rather than challenging bullying behavior or examining toxic culture. Your writing and great graphic does not suggest that we only focus on the individual and I thought this was worth stressing this. In order to move forward I think we need to work at an individual and systemic or community level at the same time. I believe that the energy generated by work done on a personal basis will flow and drive community or systems work and this will flow back to support individuals on their personal journey, mutualism in the living system you describe.    

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Janet Wildman Nov 20, 2015

Hi there, Individuals live in communities, different types of communities that are all affected in one way or another by health and care. The challenge is knowing how to engage and mobilise communities to take control of their health. The system plays an important role however very often it is too slow to identify what is driving poor health outcomes. We need local leaders who have strong connections will all sections of the community and who are willing to experiment with new strategies/approaches  to get voices heard on issues that often do not surface in the system until it is too late.