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Why don't they talk to each other?

Zoe Lord
Zoe Lord | Oct 21, 2015 | in #4 Focus on flow

Totally agree with this design principle.  My only comment would be that we need to look at flow from the beginning to the end of a patient journey.  Lots of departments and organisations focus on the flow within their boundaries - forgetting about the waits, delays and duplication that happens between the departments and organisations.  I'm forever hearing... "why don't they talk to each other?" "I've told them this information before"... therefore it would be great if this principle was clear about flow throughout patient pathways.   

Heidi De Wolf Nov 16, 2015

Zoe, I so agree. I'm wondering whether KPIs encourage silo working as you describe? Do we need user experience measures that span the journey and that help fill the gaps between services delivering holistic health and care?

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