Care Design 2016

Positive social value

Some healthcare redesign interventions end up with negative social value. We need to measure the impact on trust and relationship building in the system. 

Steve Sewell Nov 15, 2015

This could be an important part of an ongoing assurance process around design, in addition to a QIA (Quality Impact assessment) we could have a SVIA. However, what do you mean by 'social value'. My interpretation of the phrase might lead to a combination of community and individual benefits related to wider wellbeing, community assets and perhaps environmental impact. This would be something that would be applied across all public services, rather than just health and social care.

Elena Goubanova Nov 21, 2015

I would rather focus on the system regenerative capacity reinforced by effective feedback loops (need collaboration and social trust). Care redesign is a community decision and the progress is measured by increase in the levels of trust between community members who may be at different stages of change readiness ( rejection, acceptance, commitment).