Care Design 2016

Impossible to dine when the feast keeps moving

In theory it's possible to understand the health needs of the population. In reality variation is inherent across geographies, communities and within us as human's living our lives at risk of acute incident, lifestyle-related and genetically-related ill health. I think this ambition - to understand health needs is where we think we need to be, but it's not a goal, its an intermediate objective taking us to the goal.

What is the goal?

If it's anything like "people get the care and support they need in a way which makes most sense to them and which by doing it prevents what is preventable and reduces risk of what can be reduced and in so doing optimises best health at an individual level, then we don't need to understand population health need, What we need is a way to embrace not knowing, embrace, at a whole systems level, not knowing, embrace uncertainty and variation, and organise the system around it.

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