Care Design 2016

More than just clinical need

This is obviously vitally important - but healthcare professionals have always focused on people's needs. The problem has been that this has largely focused solely on clinical needs alone or heavily prioritising clinical needs. Understandings peoples needs has to move beyond just clinical needs to understand a much wider context of people's lives. It is only in this wider context that interventions can be developed that not just address the clinical needs of their health requirements but also 'fit-in' with their lives and are meaningful to their life not just to their health or their condition. This wider focus will lead to interventions that add value to lives of individual people and are therefore interventions that people will 'buy-into' and take up. In this wider context, issues of 'non-compliance' or 'non-adherence' become a thing of the past - or a lot smaller. I think that this principle is important but should be worded to express this wider understanding and context of people and their lives beyond their condition and even beyond their health.

This may sound like an impossible task but in the consumer market, many companies are able to utilise knowledge about individual preferences and interests to create targeted marketing options for individuals simply based on browser history. So this isn't beyond the realms of possibility - perhaps we simply have to look at combining different data sets.

Carol Read Nov 17, 2015

Big data in the NHS offers so many opportunities to add value and define care that is tailored to the individual. How can we learn from other companies to fast track the way forward?