Care Design 2016

Look at it through FMCG business lens

If I was looking to serve FMCG customers and provide an ideal experience I would be identifying those with the biggest need and focussing on providing a great, cost-effective solution for them.  I do think screening both from a physical and emotional standpoint is critical.  Has physical data from surgeries and hospitals been collated nationally and analysed and has this defined some key indicators for who requires the most time and money for care.  I would do some stats analysis and define different physical needs clusters based on time and money.  I would also look at emotional markers and do some qual research to define an appropriate questionnaire that defines patients emotional states and desires.  I would then run a survey and try and use as many of the people I have physical data on and run another stats analysis.  I would also ensure I surveyed those not requiring NHS as they are a key group to understand.  From this analysis I would then be able to model and understand those with the biggest needs then I would create and mock up different experiences in a concept hospital/doctors.  This idea of prototyping and trying would enable fast cycle learning to happen.  It would be done with all key stakeholders to everyone gets buy in and can give value added perspective.  This approach has been used to launch FMCG products that appeal to consumers across all touchpoints (advertising, in store, in home and testimonials).  There is no reason it couldn't work in public health.  It needs buy in from all parties and the ability and willingness to learn together.

Carol Read Nov 17, 2015

Thanks for your idea Keith, great to have your input from the fast moving consumer goods industry. I am currently exploring this industry as part of my research with Portsmouth University. With crowd sourcing it is useful to have cross-pollination of ideas so we welcome your take on other areas within care design 2016