Care Design 2016

Where to place the patient in the model of care

Victoria Hewitt
Victoria Hewitt | Nov 18, 2015 | in #3 Manage for complexity

I recommend this simple exercise to try out when redesigning a service.  Draw your organisational structure or service configuration and decide where to put the patient.  If it's a hierarchy - where does the patient go? The top, bottom, somewhere in the middle?  If it's patient centred - what about all the patients you care for?  Can they all be at the centre? What if the physio (for example) is heavily involved in one case - can they be equally available to everyone who might need them?  If not, can you really say it's patient-centred?

If you can't easily place the patient in the system and stay realistic, ask whether this is in fact a reflection of the complexity with which your working.

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