Care Design 2016

A unifying metric - valuing the patient's time

Health systems are complex and adaptive . They are made of many parts and have been undermined through the use of poor measures that are not integrative . The one over-riding measure has been dollars but that does nothing to focus a system on the patient , on service improvement or on integration . We use patient time as a unifying metric that can be seen and easily understood in any part of the health system . It drives efficiency but from a customer focus . It links up processes across a system as part of the over- all patient journey and it empowers frontline staff to make changes to processes -"if it's going to reduce the time patients waste waiting for the next step in their journey -make it better !"

Heidi De Wolf Nov 19, 2015

Brilliant idea as time is short for all of us!

Living in a rural community where patients have to travel miles to even see a GP (issues with GP retention), I wonder - as well as time - whether we could also measure the patient's carbon footprint which may encourage the use of technological communication tools between Health Professionals and patients? Maybe a step too far?! ;)

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Carolyn Gullery Nov 19, 2015

Agree Heidi, in fact we have implemented telehealth in the context of providing access to specialist support via high quality video-conferencing at a distance supported by the context of  saving the patient's time and as underlined by the clinical lead of the project -saving lives ! As we can measure the risk of death per kilometre travelled.

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