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Open Our Mindset for Health Innovation: Using Simple Rules for Wicked Problems

The global renaissance in health innovation will challenge our closed mindsets about people-centered health improvement. Closed mindsets are our greatest impediments to innovation.     Open Our Mindsets

To expand beyond mechanistic metaphors of lean, six sigma and quality management methods, we can use organic metaphors to adopt an integrated, whole-systems approach to humanizing people-centered, person-centered and patient-care approaches to health and healthcare innovation.  

  Adopt Simple Rules  We can use simple rules to design, build and lead peer health movements.     Peer Health Movements = Learning relationships, organizations, communities and networks to facilitate reciprocal support and coaching.  

The simple rules are divided into 2 clusters for:

  • Transformational Leadership Teams
  • Social Innovators and Changemakers

  A. Thrive as Transformational Leaders 

Change begins with opening our closed mindsets. 

  1. Communicate about how opening our own closed mindsets influences our relationship with others, and vice versa 
  2. Open mindsets to activate the imagination, energy and will of all stakeholders to distribute leadership and power
  3. Inspire an unifying sense of purpose to generate passion for transformational change
  4. Expand and align mindsets to lead peer health movements at all level
  5. Cultivate changemakers to build peer health movements

We can use these simple rules to create social networks of transformational leadership development at all levels.

B. Thrive as Social Innovators and Changemakers

We must frame resistance to opening our closed mindsets as innovation learning opportunities 

  1. Become curators and creators of ideas to design catalytic innovations
  2. Design scalable peer health movements
  3. Develop messaging, marketing and digital skills to enhance the delivery of peer health learning and coaching platforms
  4. Expand leadership, professional and social networks of weak ties across all silos to implement the peer health learning and coaching platforms
  5. Adopt emergent approaches for sustaining the energy to grow exponential peer health movements

We can use these simple rules to activate volunteerism and maximize widespread participation in peer health movements.

Let's open, expand and align our mindsets to design, build and lead peer health movements.


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