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A recent article in The Edge highlighted 'The Town run by twitter' where everyone connecting in the community to manage a range of facilities. This was definitely a case of bottom up change and innovation, positive disruption and attracted global publicity and interaction. What if we took the principles of this idea and put a call out on twitter to communities of practice, innovation labs (social care, housing etc) and AHSN's who could offer additional insights into mobilising community...

Carol Read
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Carol Read
Carol Read (Admin)

Carol Read

Salisbury, United Kingdom

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Bio #Hellomynameis Carol and I'm a Transformation Fellow with the Horizons Team NHS England. My work on The Edge as has contributed to 44,000 users in the first year engaged in our virtual community from 140 countries. I am seconded from my post as an Innovation Lead at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust where I manage an innovation portfolio and have been the innovator of the first award winning NHS skincare range. I have a clinical background as a Nurse leading on projects within ITU/Neonates, Surgery, Endoscopy and Radiology. A Lecture practitioner and HE Teaching Fellow delivering presentations, workshops and seminars on Innovation, Healthcare, Leadership and co-creation.

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